Our History Ayachi group

This is the story of a passion that tells itself on the taste buds ...
It is the haunting and greedy story of a world of flavors, cultivated by the sun and the love of the earth! !

It has been going on for 50 years,
between us it did not
finish writing herself ...

Our quality approach The respect for the land and for the people

Because we love this land, we look after it and cherish it. The Ayachi family is led by a family spirit and sustainable development is our priority. In order to contribute to economic and social development of Kesra, region full of life that we are so passionate about, we employ great number of families in the region.

We value all the products coming from the olive tree and encourage the fair trade by respecting human rights in general and human rights at work in particular.

peasant peasant harvesting olives

Our engagements The art of doing right

The family have been preserving this heritage of flavors while taking advantage of technological innovations. We have made the most of the innovations and technologies to improve all the products we offer, in order to leave intact the knowledge we gained from our grandfather.
Our ultramodern laboratory ensures the quality of the raw material, all the way to finished product (organoleptic control, physicochemical control, bacteriological control). All our recipes go through necessary and strict quality controls, having a full traceability. We provide packaging that allows better and longer shelf-life,idealfor new lifestyles and consumption patterns.

dry tomatoes dry tomatoes
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