Our History

After 50 years, the story is still writing

Once upon a time….a man

It is a story of a family, like any other…It is the story of love for the land… It is the story of love for the Nature and respect for the flavors, a legacy faithfully carried on…A tradition nurtured over the centuries!
All begun with our grandfather Ayachi Zammel, hardworking man, who started working at the age of 17 in a distillation company where he learned the craft of aromatic plants distillation.
Ambitious and passionate about the riches of his region Kesra, he decided in 1955 to start the family business called “AYACHI & COMPANIES”.
He taught his son to appreciate the hard work, to love the land…a heritage passed on from a father to a son…a family pride.


The heritage…

Balancing the tradition and innovation…this iswhat we aim for your satisfaction!
For the grandfather Ayachi, above all, the quality, the richness of the land and its values was the priority. He was dedicated to teaching the values of the land and olive oil, something we cherish greatly.
For generations the Ayachi family have settled down in Kesra, continuing the centuries old tradition. Respect for this heritage, thousands of years old, our passion for this special terroir and our commitment to innovation, make our products greatly cherished!