Complexe Frigorifique Ayachi

Fruits of Tunisia are grown under the blazing Sun and are full of benefits. The “ComplexeFrigorifique Ayachi” keeps this gift of Nature fresh by preserving them through a high quality controlled process. Discover the fresh flavors of apples, pears, grapes…

We offer you all the benefits of these treasures from our rich land so you can enjoy no matter the season. Discover the world of Ayachi fruits.

The “ComplexeFrigorifique Ayachi” is specialized in the production, the packaging, export, import and distribution of fresh fruit. Our base of diversified production allows us to produce and to distribute a wide range of fresh products all year round.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to offer you all the treasures of the nature by preserving the flavors and nutritional quality of fruits.
We take care of environment on every step of the process, whether it is the production, packaging or sale.