Phytoextraction Ayachi


Behind this devotion to the nature, lies a family legacy of great knowledge and enormous love for this land! The company “Phytoextraction Ayachi” is primarily the story of a family passionate about his craft.

Inherited from a father to a son to stay true to the tradition, we bring you a treasure of unique knowledge. In 1989 we set up a company specialized in herbal and essential oils to better control the whole process of production and to ensure strict hygiene conditions. Our company, “ Phytoextraction Ayachi”, deals mainly with organic essential oils and is part of the “Ayachi group”.

Our Activity

We produce for the export aromatic raw materials, natural and biological (essential oils and aromatic plants, organic medicinals, concrete and absolute ....).

We conduct all the steps of the distillery and the extraction in-house, in order to have perfect control over all stages of production and to ensure traceability. We guarantee you natural and organic products of high quality.

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