Sustainable Development

We consider our land a precious gift that must be nurtured for the future generations. With this principle we've developed our activities to be close to the nature and all its elements. We encourage the regional development by employing a large number of disadvantage families from rural areas.

Fair Trade

Fair trade is a trading partnership which is based on fairness between participants in commerce. It is based on a dialogue, transparency and willing to contribute to the sustainable development and offer better conditions of production and work.
Being a major player in the region, the “Ayachi Group” is actively committed to supporting all small producers, to raise awareness about the importance of looking after the environment and to ensure the respect for individual rights.
In the last few years we are committed to building a partnership based on the fair trade involving the farmers since our objective is to offer you products which came from an equitable trade between partners.
Our organic approach, which includes more quality and traceability, is a flawless guarantee for our customers.

peasant woman
dry tomatoes
peasants working
open field